To Infinity... and Beyond!!!!

A bit about my Infinity history... I got into Infinity about 4 years ago when a friend offered to coach me through the game if I'd coach him through Wrath of Kings. We did manage to get through 1 or 2 learning games from the 2 systems... then he left to work in the UK! He said it was for a year.

So my Infinity (Icestorm Nomads) languished in their respective boxes but I did get Red Veil and the 2 Beyond boxes. Plus a bit more Nomads at various sales over that time... then my friend's one year contract turned into a permanent job!

No more Infinity for me until I went to a new location and met a new gaming group and one guy there was very keen on Infinity and... long story short, I got a game of Infinity in last week! Considering my last game was 4 years ago, I forgot a lot of stuff. But my opponent was a total newbie to Infinity (although he does play other games like 40K, Bolt Action etc.) so we more or less started off on an equal footing. 

I took the Icestorm Nomads, my opponent a Yu Jing Sectorial (ISS?) selected by the local warcor.

We had some basic Infinity terrain and just played a basic game without any of the special rules. Just move, shoot, ARO, face to face rolls etc. So I didn't get to use my Spektr's invisible camo etc. But I did get to try to use my Doctor and Paramedic to save some downed troops.

Initial set-up... everyone behind walls for my Nomads!

We set up and my opponent went first and here his inexperience showed. All I took away from my previous fling with Infinity was cover, cover and more cover! So all my troops were well hidden and not visible on his turn. Meanwhile my opponent left about 4-5 of his elite troops visible (but in cover).

On my turn, my Grenzer Sniper popped out and targeted his Lieutenant and Multi-sniper rile Sniper. Failed the Sniper but got the Lieutenant. The Grenzer survived 3 ARO shots at him! He tried again with the Sniper and it was mutual destruction. But I was 1 model ahead and my opponent faced a "Loss of Lieutenant" next turn.

My Alguaciles FO ran forward and placed a targeter (shades of 40K Tau!) on the Yu Jing's equivalent of my Mobile Brigada and succeeded but went down to ARO fire. The Mobile Brigada popped out and shot the You Jing HI until it went down. The Brigada took 1 wound from all the ARO fire.

After that things went a bit blurry. All I remember was trading fire with various You Jing models. My expensive Reverend Healer tried to revive the Alguaciles FO and tried to dodge the ARO fire... and failed! I moved my Alguaciles Paramedic up to try and revive her... and failed! 

But in the end  I managed to take down 6 out of the 7 You Jing troopers for a loss of 4 of mine.

End Game... I was confident enough that I left my Brigada completely exposed as all the You Jing had left was a Zanshi 

Not much to say, except my opponent's inexperience showed, despite the coaching from the local warcor. My memories of cover, cover and more cover helped me more than anything.

So... this has rekindled my interest in Infinity and I'll assemble and paint my Beyond Icestorm minis (that sweet, sweet Hellcat and Kris Boracs!) and will try again next week.