Belated update

Warmachine Gaspy2 vs Lylyth2

35 points Gaspy2 vs Lylyth2. Yikes. Legion is the ultimate anti-Dark Host/Cryx! Half the time my Stealth and Clouds and Concealment do nothing! And don’t get me started on Tough! Only change from last time was I swapped out the Reaper for a Stalker so I could fit in Tartarus.

Went for scenario. Bane UA did his mini-feat to bring back 3 Banes. Gaspy 2 feared to bring back 6 solo Banes. I was leading a bit on points until turn 5 when I lost all my units. No more Banes. No Warriors or Riders. No Tartarus. No more Deathchicken. No more Desecrator. Only had caster, Stalker and Machine Wraith.

All I can say is: thank good ness for the last minute substitution for a Stalker! In a last gasp effort I threw in my Stalker with max focus. Lylyth was juuuuust out of charge range but within Leap. So I paid the price and leaped. Boosted attack. Hit. Managed a high damage roll. Boosted the 2nd attack. Also hit and did just enough damage for a caster kill!

AAR: which the main units did the job of holding my opponent’s attention (you don’t just ignore a maxed out Bane Warrior unit and even a min Bane cav unit needs to be given some attention) my MVPs were the Machine Wraith and Stalker. The Wraith was great for grabbing scenario points. The Stalker for that is killing the Legion’s most expensive solo as well as the caster.

Made lots of mistakes and all it boils down to is timing and positioning (besides tactics). Which only time and playing more games will solve.