Warmachine Gaspy 2 vs Jaga Jaga

35 point game, Gaspy 2 vs Jaga Jaga. A friend was teaching me how to be a better player, especially first time using Gaspy 2. I took min Bane Riders, max Bane Warriors + UA, a Machine Wraith, Deathripper, Reaper and Desecrator. He had a Swamp Horror, Ironback Spitter, Blackhide Wrassler and a unit of Trollkins. He didn't take his free card as he was entitled to one for Will Work for Food.

Anyway, we traded and his Blackhide took out my Desecrator and Reaper after his Swamp Horror failed to finish off my Deathchicken. My Reaper could'nt kill off his Swamp Horror, leaving it to the Deathchicken to do the honours before being put out of its misery by a single Trollkin grunt. 
The Machine Wraith on its way to glory (camping on objective for points).

My Bane Warriors were the MVPs, finishing off a severely wounded Ironback that my Bane Riders couldn't kill, as well as managing a caster kill when he thought my 3 surviving Banes with no UA couldn't finish off Jaga Jaga. But all 3 hit, with a boosted charge + weapon master. They even managed to make 8 or 9 tough rolls, ensuring that Gaspy had to delay feating since I only had 2 models to bring back. And Jaga Jaga's feat only managed to RFP a measly TWO models (although one was the UA commander).
My first caster kill, thanks to my opponent running the odds and figuring 3 Banes couldn't kill his caster since I needed all 3 to hit on 8s or better 😂

I was also ahead on points (thanks to the Machine Wraith) until he moved his Ironback to contest.

So my caster kill came about because he miscalculated, and even though I know he took it easy on me by not bringing out an OP list, it was still nice to get a caster kill.

AAR: poor initial positioning made my Warjacks ineffective. Ditto my caster. Was NOT using him to his full potential. The game is all about positioning, timing and synergising each unit's abilities with another. So much to learn!