Belated update

Gates of Antares: Recover that Drone!

Got an opportunity to play a 500 point "Recover the Drone" scenario. C3 vs Freeborn. Due to space constraints we set up on a 4x4 table. 
Excuse the unpainted Mhagris and that lone C3 strike squad lurking at the back. It's proxying for a Domari squad since I wasn't expecting to play that day... only run a game to teach the finer points of the game to some relative newbies.

On turn 1, the Freeborn were the first to race forward (not too difficult with 6 order dice vs 4) and grab the drone. The unit then got shot to bits by the C3. But the grabbing squad clung on long enough to pass the drone to another Domari squad behind them ... which also went down to a hail of plasma light fire from 2 C3D1 drones! Thankfully, "Down" plus some Res +2 cover really helped in preserving the unit for another turn! 
The view from the Concord side.

The Freeborn X- and Micro-X Launchers really did sterling work to put pins on crucial C3 units, pinning one strike squad out and causing the Drone unit to fail a Rally test. 
The totally shot up Freeborn army... didn't even manage to kill a SINGLE C3 trooper! Only managed to pin out 1 strike squad thanks to a lucky hit with an X-launcher and some sling net ammo shot from some micro X's.

In the end, that 2nd Domari squad clung on long enough to (finally) recover from multiple pins, casualties and Down commands to activate on turn 6, to pass the drone to a waiting (in faith) Domari squad halfway back to the Freeborn lines.

My C3 opponent called the game then as his 3 remaining squads were too far away to materially affect the outcome.

AAR: This was my first time playing Freeborn. I must say despite the squishiness of the squads, "quantity has a quality of its own" really applies to them. My only problem was deploying. I came on all at one spot and jammed myself up. Apparently I don't know that flanking moves exist 😜

I suspect if my opponent was a tad more confident and ran in for assaults while using his 2 C3D1 gun drones as fire platforms... I'd've lost the game. I've been spoilt for too long after playing Ghar.

So it's time to take out ye old tactics book again to re-learn the basic lessons. Fire & manoeuvre. Focus on objectives.