To Antares... and beyond!


So I managed to finally play some Beyond the Gates of Antares due to some interest from some folks who are familiar with the Bolt Action system. I sold them my Kara Nine Starter and... here are the results.

First game was the Unexpected Encounter scenario direct from the rule book. Concord vs Algoryn. Due to the fact my opponent didn't have enough Algoryn to make up 500 points, we played 400 points. He fielded 1 AI Command squad, 2 AI squads and an AI support squad with an X-launcher. I ran with 1 C3 Command squad, 2 C3 Strike squads and a Targeter Probe shard.
Look at those pins!
The game was hilarious. Made many mistakes. The most important being we were so busy trying to kill each other, we forgot the objective of the scenario which was to get our units OFF the table! So no one won according to the scenario but my opponent won a moral victory by taking out more order dice than I did. 

Not much left of the poor C3... but what can you do when you roll a 10 for a RES save on your Command Squad leader? The entire game was like that! I lost TWO leaders that way!
Encouraged, we set up for our second game: Hold the Line, again from the rule book. 500 points this time as he proxied his command squad with my C3 squad. I ran 500 points worth of Ghar. 1 Assault, 1 Battle, 1 Outcast squad and a unit of Tectorists. 

I forgot about the Sonic bombardment thanks to reading the rule book on my cellphone, so we started off and ... my Assault squad immediately received 4 (FOUR) pins from his X-launcher! The max! And so it went. I concentrated fire on his X-launcher and managed to take it off the table. Then we traded fire and I again forgot to go for the objectives. By the time I remembered (turn 5) it was too late as I was too wary of being pinned down again. 
Good grief! Four pins from just one shot!
I should have just gone for it, especially with my Assault squad and closed in as quickly as possible.

Oh, well. Still, the games were lots of fun and my opponent -- who started off by saying "just like 40K" (the earlier editions) ended up by saying the game is nothing like 40K. More tactical. No card driven shenanigans. Pure tactics, weapons, terrain. 

So, he's sold on his Algoryn. My other opponent came down with a bacterial infection that very morning so couldn't make it to the gaming centre.

But the game is so fun. The best part was the order dice draw. Brings unpredictability to the game plus the Distort die. Ugh! But the game is solid, and I look forward to more games... maybe a 3-way with my Ghar, the C3 and the Algoryn.