The Hunters AD 2114!

Hold the Line!

So... replayed the Hold the Line! scenario with the proper set up and rules (sonic bombardment and all).

The major hitch for the Algoryn was their X-launcher squad got hit with 3 pins and went down. And once my Ghar came on the board, I focused fire on the squad and managed to take it out on turn 3.

Also, unlike the previous game, I only sent one Tectorist out at a time instead of putting all of them in the line of fire. Plus I kept my Outcast squad out of LOS to keep it as a Distort die sink.
Cowardly Intelligent Outcast keeping well out of the line of fire.
It worked as I only got hit by the distort die once. The Algoryn kept getting it and it allowed my Ghar suits reach the objectives.

Sadly, I misunderstood the rules (been playing wrong all the time) and wiped out another 2 AI squads, triggering the end of the game with only 1 objective taken.

Oh well.
Thoughts: Without any way to reliably take down the Ghar suits at 500 points for starter games, I think I'll keep my Ghar in the box and assemble my Freeborn for more even matchups.