Hardwired Cyberpunk Redux

(Now known as EXPLOIT ZERO : CYBERPUNK ESPIONAGE AND MAYHEM thanks to some silly copyright IP thing.)

I replayed my last mission but added the twist that the Agents can attempt to shut down a H-Sec spawn point. (Hacking the system, scrambling communications etc.) It takes 1 success to shut it down. But increases by 1 every subsequent turn if you want to keep it shut, so normally you can't shut down a spawn point after 3 turns. You can only shut down one each turn.

Mission: A rival mega-corp  has managed to seek a spy into the very top echelons of your employer's corporate leadership. The spy managed to obtain some vital secrets but due to security protocols was not able to transmit the data. Instead the spy was forced to make a run for it. Your employer has blanketed the rival's HQ with air assets and other means in order to snatch the spy to see what secrets were stolen and how badly they were compromised. You have been assigned the lowly task of keeping an eye on a little known garbage collection point. Perhaps the rival is trying to sneak the spy in undetected by keeping a low profile?

Mayhem in the streets of New Kowloon.

Splicer shuts down spawn point 1 so no H-Sec can spawn from there. Move up to support team mates but out of LOS of guard escorts. 
Everyone else moves into position out of LOS of escorts. 
H-SEC 1 
The security guards escort the spy across the map, from #1 to #4.
H-Sec (Hostile security) spawn on #3 & #4. 

The 2 Ronins ambush the escorts and wipe them out. The Splicer manages to keep Spawn point #1 shut. It will cost him 3 successes the following turn. 
The Sawbones manages to reach the target with 1 free move and 2 actions. Having one left over, he activates the Squad Link CAP and Ronin 1 moves into cover from the H-Sec. 
H-Sec from #3 take a shot at Ronin 1 but misses. H-Sec from #4 rush towards the target and 1 manages to reach the target setting up a potential tug of war with the Sawbones. The other lags behind. 
More H-Sec spawn at #3 and #4. 

Ronin 2 on the roofs shoots at the H-Sec contesting the target. Misses one shot (with 2d10s!!!) but makes the other 2. The way is now clear!
The Splicer manages to keep #1 closed with 3 successful hacks. Then runs to aid the Sawbones who has spectacularly failed to move the resisting and screaming target even with 3 actions!
Ronin 1 manages to take out 2 H-Sec then activates his Dermal Armour and moves to aid the Sawbones. 
H-Sec from #4 head towards the target... but don’t seem too enthusiastic seeing what happened to their compatriots. 
H-Sec from #3 have no such doubts. They move forward and take aim at Ronin 1 standing out in the open. They both hit! He passes his dodge rolls easily since he’s using a d8 for dodge and has a +1 to the roll, saving on a 3+. 
Spawn at #1 fails since the point is shut down (confused orders etc.). Two d8 drones spawn at #3. Uh-oh!

It now costs 4 successes to keep #1 shut down. 
Sawbones FINALLY manages to move the struggling target with a d10 and free move. Moves B2B with the Splicer. In theory, that should give him a +1 to the roll. But what can you do when you roll a 2 on a d8?!
So that’s it for now. 
Uses the Squad link to pass a d6 action die to the Splicer... who succeeds in moving the target! 
Ronin 2 moves around to attack the drones. Takes 1 out but the shot bounces off armour of the other.
Ronin 1 whips around the corner and shoots at the 2 dithering H-Sec and they manage to dodge!!! He activates his Dermal Armour again. 
Splicer manages to move another time and that’s it since he flubs his next rolls. He doesn’t manage to keep #1 shut down as he needs 4 successes to do so. 
H-Sec guards rush towards the target but Ronin 1 is in the way. One guard doesn’t know whether to go after the target or shoot Ronin 1 and so wastes an opportunity. The 2nd guard doesn’t have a good shot at the Splicer and can’t move past the Ronin so he shoots the Ronin. Saved again by Dermal Armour! 
The Drone moves twice then takes a shot at the Splicer. Needs a 6+ on a d8 (due to cover) and misses!  
The remaining H-Sec guards from #3 rush towards the target. 
With #1 open again, 2 d8 security team spawns there. Another 2 spawn at #2. A bit far to be of any use in this mission. 

Ronin 1 moves to attack the d8 security team. Kills one. Moves again and hits the 2nd one but he manages to dodge! Dang!
Splicer manages 1 move with the target and flubs the next. Shuts down spawn #3 in frustration as his last action. (Since he cannot shut down #1 again). 
Sawbones moves round to take out the remaining d8 security team member. Then moves again to get B2B with the Splicer and target. 
Ronin 2 moves to take out one H-Sec guard. Flubs his 2nd action. And with his final action heads back down the building. 
Drone moves up towards target. H-Sec guards run to try and cut the Agents off. Another guard runs up and takes a shot at the Sawbones ... and hits! First Agent hit. The Sawbones loses the use of his d10 action die. 
2 autonomous heavy Hunter drones spawn... luckily at #2!!! 
2 d10 special forces spawn at #4. 

Splicer succeeds in moving another time!! Tried with a d6 first and with the Sawbones B2B could’ve succeeded on a 3+. Rolled a 1 instead! Argh! Succeeded with a d8. Used the last d10 to shut down #4 in a fit of spite. 
Sawbones moves into cover then uses Squad Link CAP. Misses the 2d6 roll. Succeeds with the d8 but Ronin 1 flubs his action roll. The d10 die finally succeeds for both of them and Ronin 1 moves to a more advantageous location. 
Ronin 1 shoots at the guard... who dodged! He didn’t succeed in dodging the next shot though. Ronin 1 activates Dermal Armour again.  
Ronin 2 moves down the building and takes out 2 H-Sec guards. 
With no H-Sec anywhere near 2 moves of the Agents (except the drone which can’t contest for the target anyway) and with the Agent and target within 1 move of the map edge, the game ends with a win for the Agents. 

Thoughts : gameplay is smoother now I have a good handle on the rules so I can focus on the story. Played out more or less the same, except the shutting down of a spawn point by the hacker really helped. It now feels more cyberpunky. It’s a pity I have to choose between a hacking CAP and a drone piloting CAP. 
Finally brought some H-Sec security drones on the map. 
Overall I can’t believe how my dice rolls made this scenario so thematic. I literally only succeeded in moving with the target (kidnapee?) ONCE every turn! And if I didn’t do a handoff between the Sawbones and the Splicer I might not even have made it. Really tense down the line. 
This set of Agents with 2 Ronins (no Razor), a Splicer with a hacking CAP and the Sawbones with Squad Link really made a difference compared to my previous Agent team. This is more suited for a quick hit and run raid. Get in and out. 
Most under-utilised CAP : Target System. And if you’re not equipping your Ronins with Smart Ammo... why?!!

Next up will be a more Shadowrun kind of mission : get in, hack the system ... upload the virus ... make it look like something else : a hit and run on a safe maybe? So 2 objectives in 2 different locations. 


  1. Nice one. I considered allowing Agents to shut down H-SEC Arrival Locations but figured it might unbalance the game, make Agents too strong.

    Altho there's nothing to stop AGENTS from hacking the local network and locking a door, blocking a lane and forcing H-SEC troopers to re-route a longer, more circuitous path into the mission area.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, it made the game a wee bit too easy. Either need to make hacking harder, or ramp up the difficulty. Once the entry point is open again, the spawning ramps up to the next level as H-SEC are on extra high alert. Need to try that out.


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