Belated update

Warmahordes Mk. 3: Revenge of the Circle!

Tanith (Wild Hunt) vs Agathia (Dark Host). 25 points in Close Quarters. Same lineup as previous game.

Circle 1

As expected Tanith casts Admonition on herself and Scything Touch on the Pureblood. All run up. None can reach the Control Point (CP). The Pureblood warps Spell Ward.

Cryx 1

All run up. Circle is out of range of any ranged spells or attacks. The Slayer runs B2B with the CP. The Reaper runs into the cloud. Agathia casts Hellwrought on the Slayer since the Reaper has Concealment.

Advantage: Cryx 1-0

Circle 2

Tanith upkeeps Scything Touch and Admonition.

The Wild Argus casts Doppler Bark and sacrificially runs up within 2” of the Reaper, catching a Bane Warrior in its animus as well. Then Tanith Feats.

She casts Affliction on the Reaper. Then Bleed, causing 9 damage. She camps on 1 Fury.

Now the Reeves move up and pepper the Reaper with shots. They auto-hit since the Reaper is effectively 5 DEF (Doppler Bark reduces to 5 DEF, and the Reeves ignore concealment).

They ALL miss their damage rolls since their bows are a measly POW 8 and they’re rolling on dice minus 9. BUT... due to Affliction even a miss causes an auto damage of 1, and with 24 shots... the Reeves finish off the Reaper! Yikes!

Now the Pureblood charges the Slayer. He casts the Wraithbane animus and warps Strength (naturally). Reaching the 1” melee range, the Pureblood does his spray attack, damaging the Slayer but missing the Skarlock Thrall behind him.

Now to work. 2 melee hits (unboosted) and 2 boosted damage shots (with some aid from Strength and Scything Touch) later finishes the Slayer! Double Yikes for Cryx!

Affliction and Reeve's ROF 2. What a deadly combo! And the Pureblood might be considered pillow-fisted...
but he's also going up against a wimpy Cryx Slayer.

The Gorax positions himself in front of Tanith to prevent any nasty surprises like what happened in the previous game.

A deadly turn for Cryx! 

Cryx 2

Losing the 2 heavies is a major blow. But victory is still possible as the Banes are very much in the game.

The Banes move in, and 2 Banes finish off 2 Skinwalkers, leaving the Leader untouched. Another Bane moves in to contest the CP.

3 Banes (aided by Ghostly and Tartarus) finish off the Argus.

Another Bane charged the Pureblood and tries to attack but misses. Still, the CP is contested.

Tartarus moves up. The Deathripper moves into position.

Agathia channels Parasite on Tanith then follows up with Hellfire for 6 Damage. Agathia has ZERO focus.

The Skarlock moves into the cloud and casts Hellfire on the Gorax (since Tanith is out of reach) for a measly 2 Damage. 

2 Skinwalkers and a light warbeast. A poor return for 2 heavies and 6 Banes. 

Notice how Tanith thinks she's safe behind the wall and screen of Banes and Scarlock Thrall and Cloud?

Advantage: Cryx 1-0

Circle 3

Tanith upkeeps Admonition and Scything Touch.

Tanith activates and casts Affliction on the Bane Warriors, boosting to ensure a hit. She then casts Roots of the Earth on Tartarus, boosting the attack again. Then boosting the damage on the hit for 6 Damage. But most importantly Tartarus and the Banes around him have Shadow Bind.

The Reeves now go to work. They try some pot shots at Tartarus and the Bane CA but with unboosted Damage rolls do diddly squat. So they focus (heh) on the Banes and manage to finish off 6 of them thanks to Affliction. A poor return for a unit of 11 x 2 attacks. A lone Reeve manages to take out the Skarlock as well since the cloud concealment meant zip to the Reeve’s Hunter capability.

But they manage to ensure the remaining Skinwalker, Gorax and Pureblood are now unengaged and more importantly the latter now had a clear run to Agathia, which is the whole point of the exercise!

The Pureblood goes for a caster assassination. He warps Strength (natch) and charges Tanith. Along the way, Tartarus takes a swing at him and does a paltry 1 Damage.

The Pureblood’s assault spray does a bit of damage but it’s the boosted melee attacks that finish her off!

And caster kill! Revenge for Circle!

Moral : camp focus unless there’s 100% certainty your warnoun won’t be attacked in any way!!!

This time the mistake was Cryx’s. Should have used the Slayer to grab the CP and the Reaper to go after the big ones, backed up by the Banes and not the Slayer. Have to trust in the Bane Weapon Master to finish of the Circle Warbeasts.

So even though Cryx was holding on to a slim 1-0 scenario lead, Circle won on caster assassination. A fitting revenge for the previous game.

This time Tanith used the Gorax to block assassination runs at her. And with the Reaper out of the way she was fairly safe from ranged attacks.

Agathia thought she was fairly safe being screened by the Skarlock and Banes and a wall ... but didn’t reckon on the combo of Affliction and the Reeves wiping out her screen.

Also, she didn’t bother to Feat since her 2 heavies we’re wiped out and her Feat does exactly zilch to the Banes. Haiyaaaa... (Hah. I forgot Agathia has a Parasite upkeep which meant she had a +1 to her ARM ... but the way the Pureblood was hitting it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway).

Learning games, learning games ...