The Siren Call of the New...

Also known as short attention span... and various other synonyms.

So my Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter arrived and... I broke it out for a quick play after watching several Youtube videos and trying to read that mess of a rulebook.

The tutorial scenario has the Survivors vs the Super Mutants (AI). The Mutants need to gather food from their traps. The Survivors need to liberate Dogmeat and kill all Mutants.
How was it?

It DOES look really nice, doesn't it? And it'll be better once I get the models painted up.
The Mutants ended up gathering from 2 traps. The Survivors managed to liberate Dogmeat and kill one Mutant. So... 50-50? 60-40, advantage Survivors?

The game is fiddly! So many icons! So many rules exceptions! So many special cases! And HOW do you track APs?! I feel the rules could be greatly streamlined. Even Warmahordes is simpler than this! Got several rules wrong (natch). Will re-play.

That said... I can see the potential for an RPG-like solo-able skirmish game with campaign mode in the Settlement Phase, so... I will persevere!

NOTE: it's a bit tricky to use the Mutants as AI for this scenario as they have one very specific objective. I'll re-try wth the Survivors as the AI, with Nora having Objective of freeing Dogmeat and the Settlers killing the Mutants. Should make the AI determination easier.