Fallout #2 "Fort Davis"

Onwards to tutorial #2!

It's the Super Mutants (AI) vs the Survivors (me). Solo mode. Victory conditions are : scavenge items on the battlefield (the more, the better) or totally wipe out the other side. The only mods I made for this scenario was to assign 3 Mutants the Scavenge Objective and 2 Hounds the Kill OpFor objective. With the caveat that if the Mutants had a 2:1 advantage in Item cards, then all Mutants would use the Kill OpFor objective instead.

Worked pretty well (for the AI!). Thanks to the Mutants' larger bases, they were able to get to the objective tokens slightly ahead of my normal based Survivors. The Hounds played a harassing tole, jamming up my models so I had to fight them off. In hindsight, maybe I should've gone for the Scavenge objective too. Instead, I chose to fight them and despite me dropping 3 models, they are just too tough.

So the Mutants won 4-1 on the Scavenge VP condition while I dithered around not knowing which objective to go for. It also helped that they had the advantage in numbers. 5 to 4.

Oh, well. This game also confirmed the dire, DIRE need for a cheat sheet. What do all these tokens mean? What do they do? How do you use them... Sure, there's a handy dandy index in the rule book, but this entailed a lot... a LOT of page flipping almost every single time. 😑

And those tiny, minute tokens....