Belated update


(Some background: I got interested in Warmachine because steampunk. But the game's reputation in my area is such that it's very competitive and the players play to WIN. Not much fun for a newbie but I met a guy who became my friend and he was willing to teach me. We played a small battle... 10 points I think of Mk III Cryx vs Mercenaries and I enjoyed it. But then he left to work in the UK shortly after that, leaving me with... a bunch of unassembled and unpainted models.

Fast forward 2 years later and I decided I'd assemble and paint my minis and see where my Warmahordes -- 2-player battle boxes and starter sets leave you straddling both sides of the fence -- adventure will lead me).

Hahaha! So I played a 25 Point Close Quarters scenario with 

Tanith (Wild Hunt) 
- Pureblood
- Gorax
- Wild Argus
- Max Reeves + CA
- Min Skinwalkers


Agathia (Dark Host)
- Reaper
- Slayer
- Deathripper
- Max Bane Warriors + CA
- Tartarus 
- Skarlock Thrall

Circle 1
Tanith went first. Cast Scything Touch on the Pureblood and Admonition on herself. Then everything just ran up and just fell short of the Control Point nearest to them. 

Cryx 1
Agathia cast Hellwrought on the Slayer. Then the Deathripper ran up into cover near some ruins and attempted to arc Parasite on the Pureblood. But couldn’t because the Pureblood chose Spell Ward for its Warp. Gah. 

The Slayer ran into a Fog Cloud for concealment. The Banes ran up as much as they could. 

Cryx’s Reaper on the other hand comfortably ran up to the other CP and went B2B there. Advantage 1-0 to Cryx!

Circle 2
Tanith Feated. But first the Wild Argus cast Doppler Bark on itself then ran up to range, allowing Tanith to cast Affliction on the Reaper before moving in with her Roots of the Earth attack that damaged the Reaper and put Shadow Bind on it. She then cast Bleed but missed. She then placed a Rift right in front of her (even though she had Affliction) so the Reaper could not charge her. That left her with ZERO Fury. (And you can guess what’s coming next!) 

The Skinwalkers finally went B2B with a CP. The Reeves (working in very tight quarters) peppered the Reaper with some shots but POW 10 doesn’t do very much even with against the notoriously wimpy Cryx jacks. They tried again with the Deathripper and managed to put out its arc node. 

Cryx 2
Yes! Agathia (and everyone else reading this) noticed the FATAL error Tanith had made. The Reaper has a Harpoon with DRAG that Tanith totally forgot about!!! So Agathia set things in place for a caster kill. She allocated 2 Focus on the Reaper and 1 on the Slayer. She dropped Hellwrought on the Slayer so she’d have max Focus and it wasn’t needed any more any way. 

The Deathripper ran up to within 8” of Tanith. Agathia Feated. Then used one Focus to repair the Ripper’s arc node. She then cast Parasite on Tanith, boosting the spell for a confirmed hit. That left her with ZERO Focus too but that was all right. 

The Reaper shook off Shadow Bind then walked out and positioned itself within 8” but more than 6” of Tanith so that Admonition would not trigger. Then boosted the Harpoon’s attack to ensure a hit. The Harpoon’s POW 12 was vs Tanith’s Parasited ARM 12 so anything it rolled would be pure damage since Tanith had no more Fury left to transfer the damage. The Reaper rolled 12! Then Drag. The follow-up free melee attack from its POW 16 weapon (with a Boosted attack) meant only snake eyes would save Tanith. He did not roll snake eyes and it was all over for Tanith!

Excuse my primed but as-yet unpainted minis. And you can't see the Pureblood due to it skulking all the way in the lower left corner!
What a tyro mistake made by a tyro! And the Pureblood just skulked in the woods, being totally useless!!! Argh!!

(Side note: first post for 2019!)