New shinies...

Despite waiting for my painted MERCS minis, I got sidetracked by 2 things I'd been eyeing for some time now.

One of them is Pulp Alley. Who doesn't love the pulp era? Dashing heroes and heroines, damsels (and otherwise) in distress... evil masterminds with their henchmen while all the hero has to stop them is their faithful sidekicks... and the starter rules were free!

Look at that!

Doesn't that get your pulse pounding? :D

So I caved in and downloaded... read, watched the gameplay tutorial videos... made my own cards and....

These aren't Nazis but Imperial German Reich from the Tannhauser board game.

And as if that weren't enough, I discovered the Kindle version of the In Her Majesty's Name was priced cheaper than the actual PDF file. IHMN is... steampunk skirmishes! The game comes with some starter sets, although you are free to make up your own companies thanks to the comprehensive list building rules.

So tempted by the models, I broke down and ordered (and received!) these:

I quickly whipped up some cards (and tokens) and played my first game solo to get a handle on the rules. 2 things I quickly discovered: you need tokens and a cheat sheet... so many modifiers!

How'd the game go? Well...

A full ARR will be forthcoming!