Belated update

It's Aliiiiiiive...!!!!!

I'm back!

Long silence. No posts for almost a year now... that's what having to remodel (renovate) and completely move house twice in 2 countries will do to you! No time for gaming, painting or anything that looks like fun.

But... now I can breathe again and there's a ton of stuff I've been doing.


Thanks to Warlord Games' Black Friday sales last year, look what I got:

Yes, I've been eyeing the game for some time now and When Warlord gave me a discount coupon on top of their already crazy good deals... I weakened and got this :

And then because I went nearly all-in on Megacon Games MERCS Recon in 2015, I also (finally) received this last year:

But I've only started to really dig in and learn the game and assemble and paint all the minis (beyond what came in the two Recon boxes).

So did I play the games? What did I think of them? Stay tuned for a post later in the week! 😀