Belated update

BtGoA... otherwise known as Beyond the Gates of Antares

So as I posted earlier, I was seduced by Warlord Game's Black Friday offer last year... effectively 50% off their army boxes + free international shipping! I'm afraid I went a bit... crazy.

In my impatience, I decided to get the PDF rules and then ran through a small 500 point playtest of the game with proxied minis for C3 and Ghar.

Mistakes were made (as usual) but overall, I do like the feel of the game. There's the SF feel and it's really different from 40K (or even Shadow War Armageddon) even though there's the whole roll to hit, roll to damage bit that I'm not usually a fan of. What sealed the deal for me was the whole activation sequence of drawing dice to activate units. That simple mechanic alone led to very tense moments, even playing solo.

Verdict: a winner! 

Aftermath: I'm busy painting my C3 and Algoryn. One day, I'll get my Ghar and Freeborn painted as well. One day 😂.