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Wrath of Kings Batrep - Shael Han vs. Hadross

Played a Skirmish game with a friend a few weeks back. I was Hadross. Friend took Shael Han. Shael Han spammed Iron Lotuses (v.2.0), Black Lotus leader, Madam Mui, Deathbloom and a Fulung. Hadross had 6 Sevridans,  Gutter Friar (army commander), 6 Deepmen, Torvash, 2 taxi-crabs and a Orsund Cavalier.

We dealt random Motivations. Shael Han got Disrupt Supply Line (but v1.0) and Hadross got Land Grab. Shael Han had 10 morale. Hadross had 8.

We set up like this:

We basically played Motivations.

On the Hadross right flank, the Sevridans and Taxi crabs went up against half the Iron Lotuses, the Black Lotus, Deathbloom and the Fulung.

The Hadross left flank went up against Madam Mui and the remaining Iron Lotuses.

Basically, Hadross wiped out everything on their right flank and managed to grab 2 of their objectives. Poor dice rolls meant that the Fulung was able to withdraw unscathed after all the fighting was done.

 Shael Han returned the favour on the Hadross left flank, finishing off the Orsund, then all save one of the Deepmen.

Shael Han managed to grab all 3 of their objectives and dealt 3 morale worth of damage to Hadross, dropping Hadross morale to Zero. I had no way to drop the Shael Han's morale by 2 points with my remaining activations.

So ... game set and match to Wilson's Shael Han!

After Action Report : the Iron Lotuses v1.0 were basically a waste of plastic. I tried a few games with them and they couldn't justify their existence in my army list. But now with v2.0 and Reach 2", and Madam Mui giving them a crit on a 9 or 10... and a free re-roll if they go on solo attacks ... they were the perfect troops to go against my Hadross.

3 crits was all it took to put down my Orsund. The Iron Ladies didn't have much luck with the Sevridans ... but the Deepmen stood no chance against them since the Lotuses have 7" movement PLUS Reach 2" for a Threat Range of 9". That's even better than the Goritsi Skorza!

Not sure which troops can go up against them now... the Deepmen (usually so dependable) are now not an option if I go up against Wilson's all-female Shael Han again. The Carcharians are like Goritsi : glass cannons. Can't take more Sevridans as the Morale imbalance will severely hurt me if he manages to pull off his Motivations again. (But then again, v.1.0 of Disrupt Supply Line was too forgiving. The 2.0 version makes it a lot harder and plays into my Hadross' slower movement.)

Hmmm... That's 2 games in a row my V.2.0 Hadross have lost. Before that, it was 50-50.

Ponder ponder ...


  1. Kudos from Brazil!
    Great batrep there,CK Lai!

    From the looks of it, Iron Lotuses are much like the Goritsi War Dancers now -before they were garbage, I agree. What I imagine might be effective is to bring ranged units to threaten them, zoning them out, before they feel confident to rush in and abuse they insane range of 9 '. And there is no shame in kiting them back either. Hehe. I don't have a ton of experience fighting good Shael Han players at the moment so I can only craft theories here.

    Let me throw in a request, do show more pictures! I love to see other people's scenery.

  2. Thanks, Andre! Yes, I'm still working out how to counter the Iron Lotuses + Madam Mui. It's do-able, but need to work out how.

    Photos : for sure!


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