Belated update

Zombicide Black Plague

Here are some painted Zombicide Black Plague pictures. I was glad CMON produced such detail minis, pre-assembled and good grade plastics. It is not tabletop quality, but as a board game it still looks top notch.
The earlier Zombicide series however begs to be better though, but as CMON progressively creates more great board game contents, I guess things become more better.

Here are some of the rest.
Yeah, I know I haven't the time to paint the bases... , but I was having too much fun painting the main minis themselves

Also, a learning curve for me to improve my painting skills.

Hoping to put this board game more on the table and more of our group friends joining.


  1. Looks like Google album really blur out all the details of the miniatures...Got to find a better picture album.


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