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Wrath of Kings - Goritsi vs Hadross

Wrath of Kings Patrol-sized game, 13 models a side.

Goritsi faction with Zeti Wardancers and Skorza Skirmisher units; Shield Breaker and Scourge Hound solos. Disrupt Supply Line Motivation. 6 Morale.

Hadross faction with Deepmen and Sevridan Gutter units; Deep Caller and Callith Reaver solos with the Land Grab Motivation. 6 Morale.

Hadross won the initative and started first. Both sides raced for their objectives. But because the Goritsi chose the Skorza Alpha as their army leader, the Goritsi had an effective 1st round movement of 13’ which allowed them to cross more than half the battlefield while the slower Hadross laboured to move forward.

The Goritsi Skirmishers grabbed the first objective on the Hadross left flank, and the Hadross morale dropped to 4!

In the center, the Taxi Crab aka Callith Reaver carried the slow-moving Sevridans closer to their objective located in the lake. They came face to face with the Wardancers and the imposing Shield Breaker. The combat raged in the center, and casualties were inflicted on both sides.

On the Hadross right flank, the Scourge Hound raced for the second Goritsi objective. The Callith Reaver broke away to intercept her, but in the next round gave the initiative to the Goritsi. Down went another 2 Morale points, leaving the Hadross with 2 Morale.

Hadross fought back and managed to wipe out the Wardancers plus leader, while a Sevridan moved around the Shield breaker to take Hadross’ first objective. That brought the Goritsi Morale down to 1.

But the Deepmen could not break through the Skorza, and they lost enough units to drop the Hadross Morale down to 0.

Game, set and match to the Goritsi!

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I made the mistake of not defending against the Goritsi. Instead I tried to race for the Hadross objectives, pitting the slowest faction against the fastest and I paid the price for it.